One song

It’s been a wierd year for me and my faith – well, couple of years actually. A bit of walking away, running away, staying away, falling down and crawling back to something, Someone who knows my name and is big enough to handle me, in my selective memory, trying to recall His. And while music is so much a part of me, there were months when I just couldn’t sing the songs I used to sing to celebrate that faith. But there was one song – one song that somehow, even at my worst, I could sing to myself. My friend Mindy had shared it with me and it continues to do something to me. . .  deep inside of me. When nothing else in life made sense and I didn’t care to hear what did or didn’t make sense to anyone else, somewhere deep inside my heart could still believe these words.  SO, turn on your speakers, click here, listen. I think you’ll be glad you did. —> I Belong by Kathryn Scott



  1. 1
    Joelle Says:

    Love it. But too much of a teaser. What’s the song?? 🙂 And whatd’ya think of Babette’s Feast?

  2. 2
    cdees Says:

    🙂 just click on the words “I Belong” deary. you’ll hear the whooole song. enjoy!
    oh and loved Babette’s Feast!

  3. 3
    Joelle Says:

    A little internet retardation. 🙂

  4. 4
    cdees Says:

    hysterical considering our conversation the other day – them youngins and all their technology these days. hee hee

  5. 5
    Mindy Says:

    Beautiful – You know what’s weird though, when I click on it Haley Westenra’s picture – from New Zealand comes up. Not Katheryn Scott

  6. 6
    Tara H Says:

    I somehow stumbled on your blog.
    Fate I tell you.
    What a great post. I feel like anything I type would not convey what I really want to say. So instead of waiting till I have the words. I will make light of my finding you here and comment on other posts you have made that don’t require eloquence.
    Since I was here, I linked over to your other blog.
    I am obsessed with fair trade coffee. Much to the annoyance of my husband. SO I found that funny.

    I loved that song so much I downloaded the album on itunes.
    Then again I also downloaded the Jonas brothers cd this afternoon. I feel as uplifting as the Jonas bros are. her CD is so much more. I really like that song you linked and also Grace has called my name. I will listening to it now.
    I feel silly assuming to know what you have been through or the places you have walked through.
    After reading your posts all I have for you is
    yep, I get it. I feel you

  7. 7
    cdees Says:

    thanks so much tara! xo

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